Massachusetts Drug Lab Scandal Affects Thousands of Cases From 2003 to 2011

Over 8000 drug cases from Essex County alone are tainted by the scandal at The Department of Public Health’s Jamaica Plain Laboratory, where rogue employee Annie Dookhan, who worked there for nearly a decade, has been violating protocols and cutting corners.  Literally thousands of drug cases will have to be reviewed, and many will be reopened.  People are in jail who shouldn’t be, and people have drug convictions on their records who shouldn’t.

See the stories here, here and here.  If you have a drug conviction from between 2003 and early 2011, your case might have been tainted by this person.

Some 50,000 samples statewide were handled by Dookhan, and every single one of them is in question.

Said the Boston Globe:

The chemist, Annie Dookhan of Franklin, worked in the state Department of Public Health’s lab in Jamaica Plain from 2003 until her resignation in March. She was initially removed from her laboratory duties in June 2011, after supervisors discovered discrepancies with the logging of drug evidence that was being tested.

Dookhan was responsible for identifying drugs and weighing them.

Governor Deval Patrick ordered the laboratory closed after the State Police, which took over drug testing in Massachusetts July 1, discovered that problems at the lab were more widespread than first reported.

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