Brave officers keep streets safe for the good people. . .

The homeless man in this video was charged with assault on a police officer and resisting arrest after he was uncooperative when being issued a citation for “drinking an alcoholic beverage.”

I bet the arraignment was interesting, as he was wheeled into court and the charge of assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest were read out.

I wonder what the police report says?  I would be willing to bet that in the report the guy in the wheelchair brandished some object, like a pipe or a knife, or ran the cops down with the chair.

Glad the brave officers are safe, though. . .

Here is how the Washington Post describes the vidoeo:

The video begins with the man in the chair, two officers alongside. A few seconds later, all three have pitched forward and are prone. Still later, the officers are standing while the man remains on the ground, with off-camera voices appearing to express dismay.

Wait, what?

The Post continues:

Metro issued a statement Sunday saying that the man, whom police have not identified, had resisted arrest, “which resulted in him falling out of his wheelchair.”

In the statement, Metro said transit police on routine patrol at the U Street Metrorail station in Northwest Washington on Thursday spotted the man in a wheelchair “drinking an alcoholic beverage.”

When asked to leave, the man refused, Metro said. The officers tried to issue a citation, but he “refused to comply.” The officers then told him that he would be placed under arrest, and he resisted, the statement said.

It said he was arrested in connection with an assault on an officer and drinking in public. He was taken to a hospital with a minor injury, the statement said.

Actually, they threw him on the ground and opened up his scalp.  But what the hell.  Everyone who reads the story will believe that the brave cops were just cleaning up the streets, and that the crazy homeless guy was probably out of control.  No one will bother to watch the video after reading the article, because, hey, its in the paper, so, it must be true.

And the “reporter” who wrote the “story” hasn’t offended any of the cops he eats lunch with and who feed him inconsequential “tips” so he can write a story every day and go home and relax.

Remember this the next time you read about an arrest in the newspaper or hear about it on TV.

Or forget about it, and go on about your day. Because it really doesn’t matter anyway, right?

Until it happens to you or someone in your family.

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